The tools you need to sidestep bad service
and become your customers’ hero!

Like a finely tailored suit or custom supercar, our process starts with a fitting by one of our experts. During this consultation they’ll take your measurements, learn your needs, and work with you to assure that your custom suite of PPT products and services perfectly suits your

PPT’s main suite of core products to help you sidestep bad service and
become your customers’ hero:


One week to lifetime, single component to exclusionary level coverage, highest value, best pricing.


The most unique offerings available from traditional contracts to a fully customized contract unique to your dealership. From unlimited mileage to monthly pay, and more! PPT has unique offerings to exceed your expectations.


125% LTV, 150%LTV, unlimited LTV, franchised, independent, BHPH, no “act of nature” exclusion, and more! No matter your requirements, PPT has the GAP plan for your dealership!


ancillary products

A full line of creative products designed to drive real value for you and the consumer.

  • Cosmetic Tire and Wheel – Cosmetic coverage starting at $79 for a 5-year term! Some of our most unique and profitable programs.
  • Environmental Packages – multiple packages for franchised and independent dealers as well as stand-alone detail shops and car washes.
  • Theft Prevention – traditional programs to wheel, radio, or ID coverage.
  • Maintenance Packages – reinsured, dealer held, admin held, full spoilage or discounted you pick the structure that right for you and well custom build the program around your requirements.
  • Lease Protection – Are you tired of hearing excuses from your F&I manager on why he can’t make money on leases? Leasing is all about the ownership experience (driving a new car more often) and risk mitigation (keeping cost low and fixed). The right protection products can achieve both these goals at an extremely affordable price. Our dealers run 1.5+ product sales per lease with the best of them running well over 2.5 PPL.
  •  Combo Packs – Combo packs seem to be some of the hottest sellers in today’s F&I offices and it’s easy to see why. These high value low cost coverage options provide consumers what they are looking for. PPT has dozens of packages starting at under $99 dealer cost and will custom design one to fit your unique needs

PPT’s elite representatives will help you design the perfect product suite for your dealership that will help you maximize profits for today & tomorrow.